Austin's Park N Pizza go_karts

Speedway Go-Karts

Race against the clock or your friends on our Speedway Go-Kart Track. Enjoy spirited side-by-side racing on the long stretches and wide curves.

  • Drivers Height Requirement 58' Tall
  • Passengers Height Requirements 40" Tall
  • All passengers must be driven by someone 18 years or older

Austin's Park n Pizza - Go-KartsAustin's Park n Pizza - Go-Karts



Slick Track Go-Karts

Test your drifting skills on our very "slick" Slick Track. Specially designed karts with wide racing slicks will defy even the best racers as they try to maintain a four wheel slide on the slick corners and glassy surface.

  • Drivers Height Requirement 60" Tall
  • Flip Flops and open toed shoes are not permitted

Austin's Park n Pizza - Go-Karts

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